Market Highlight


My Exclusive, Two Bedroom Listing at 530 Park Avenue In the new midtown landscape of skyscraper-esque, glass condos that resemble office towers, it is refreshing to see a luxury condo development that maintains its pre-war integrity in the heart of the “gold coast” of the Upper East Side. Located at 61st Street and Park Avenue, […]

Laura and Greg’s Story


A Residential Real Estate Investment from 10,000 Miles Away Buying a home is a challenge in any market, but purchasing a property while you’re living half a world away is a formidable task indeed. In November of 2014 I was referred to Laura and Greg, a Singapore-based couple interested in purchasing a residential property here […]

Turtle Bay


Walking to show two apartments in the 400 block of East 52nd (not in the actual building Greta Garbo lived in for decades, but the same block), I was struck by the nomenclature “Turtle Bay” for the area (roughly from 42nd Street to 53rd Street, from Lexington Avenue to the East River) and vowed to find out whether […]

Turtle Bay 7

Real estate and the human creative spirit


Last week I was at the Association for International Art Dealers (AIPAD) show at the Park Avenue Armory. The abundance, diversity, and quality of the art shown in one space almost created a feeling of sensory overload, and I started to think about how thrilling it is to be in any place where the creative […]

Winter 7

A ride on the Staten Island Ferry


  How much would you expect to pay for an iconic boat ride with spectacular views of lower Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty? If you want to pay, there are vendors who will allow you to do that, but a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, which delivers those views roughly every […]


Financial District


Recently I was fortunate enough to see the new musical “Hamilton” at the Public Theater (arriving on Broadway this summer), leading me to my last  blog  post – a walk through Hamilton Heights, the neighborhood in upper Manhattan where Alexander Hamilton had farmland and lived in his final two years. However, much of Alexander Hamilton’s […]

Financial district 7

Best Built Home In America

FEMA: Photo by Rosanna Arias – Sep 09, 2013 Perhaps you’ve seen a caravan of flatbed trucks, one after another—complete with its own police escort—transporting large boxes encased in a protective seal travelling on the highway or local road. Most likely, these boxes aren’t floats for a local parade or a shipment of government drones. […]

Hamilton Heights


The hottest ticket in New York City this year is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new musical, “Hamilton,” currently at the Public Theater on Lafayette Street but moving to Broadway this summer. Coincidentally the day after I was fortunate enough to see it, while searching for a new apartment for a couple, I found a possibility for them […]


Single-family homes in New York City


When one thinks of living in New York City, apartment living is the default – and in fact the majority of New Yorkers do live in multi-occupant housing, ranging from luxury high rises in Manhattan to duplexes in College Point, Queens. However, apartment living is a relatively recent development in NYC history, and even today […]




Standards for measuring NYC apartments would be a boon to the industry. It’s a subject I’ve broached before, and one that merits re-consideration. Without uniform guidelines, the challenge of computing accurate square footage in order to compare properties persists for agents and consumers alike. While price per square foot is only one of many factors […]