The Lower East Side


What’s the first word that pops into your mind when you think of the Lower East Side of Manhattan? Tenements? Immigration? Delis? Nightlife? All of those would be correct associations, but we can now add gastropubs, new development high-rises, and trendy hotels to the mix. For this dérive (an unplanned walk in an urban environment), […]


New Interpretation of the “Ability to Pay Rule” and a Surviving Family Member


  “Pitt’s income tax” by James Gilray (Life time: 18th century) – Original publication: Cartoon Immediate Source   Losing a close friend or family member can be very difficult on an emotional level, however it can also be challenging from an estate management perspective as well.  In many cases, surviving loved ones must quickly learn […]



Is there an optimum season to sell real estate? Yes and no. Yes, spring and fall are the traditional best months for sellers, and as a result also the best times for buyers since there are more choices. And no, since the reality is if you’re priced realistically, and your home shows well, you can […]



Before Tribeca (TRIangle BElow CAnal), Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), Nolita (North of Little ITAly), or Nomad (North of MADison Square Park), there was SoHo (South of Houston Street). Although London’s Soho isn’t a shortened version of anything (it might be based on a hunting cry but has been a place name there since […]


Central Park in Winter


Earlier this week we missed having three feet of snow in the city as the storm veered east by about 50 miles, but we still had enough snow to make Central Park a winter wonderland. This made me think about the advantages of living near the park, and that they are not limited to warm […]


The Value of an Agent


      Television programs about how to negotiate a real estate deal and how to renovate a residential property are on almost every channel these days. And what’s more, everyone proclaims to be a real estate expert: family, friends, and even your trusted doctor are quick to dispense advice. So as potential home buyers […]

Long Island City


  Do you look back now and wish you had bought into Williamsburg or Dumbo 10 or 15 years ago? (I know I do.) Today’s dérive (an unplanned walk in an urban environment) takes place in a neighborhood that you may be feeling that way about in the very near future – and in fact, […]

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It In 2015


This new year will feel a little like Yogi Berra’s “déjà vu all over again.” Real estate headlines for 2015 will echo many of last year’s dominant themes with a few twists. Take a look. A shrinking housing stock of resale apartments has become chronic. After two years of property shortages, absorption rates are decreasing […]

Morningside Heights


Bounded by Manhattan Valley to the south, Harlem to the north, Morningside Park to the east, and Riverside Park and the Hudson River to the West, Morningside Heights is an area with a long history (an important Revolutionary War battle was fought here) and many illustrious former residents (F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Gershwin, Cecil B. […]

Morningside 1