Even the Mayor Requires a Permit


The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio was apparently dreaming of Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” when he neglected to file for permits before putting up a new fence at Gracie Mansion.  If you recall, Tom Sawyer famously persuades the local children to do his chore of painting the all-American white picket […]

Beekman Place


Walking through midtown along First Avenue is a stereotypically hectic New York City experience, with multiple lanes of busy traffic, shops, and restaurants creating a noisy and bustling ambiance. Walk just a few steps east of First on 51st Street, however, and it is as if the city has magically melted away. Welcome to Beekman Place, […]


Location, Location, Location


Lookie loos, prospective buyers and real estate professionals all enjoy exploring available homes in all shapes and sizes, both near and far.  We delight in fantasizing and dreaming big.  When it is time to get serious and purchase a property, not all home sizes and locations will meet our design aesthetic, personal needs, or budget. […]

December in New York City


Throughout history, as the days get shorter and the weather cooler in the Northern Hemisphere, people have steeled themselves against the coming winter by holding festivals of light. From the Pagan Yule celebration of the ancient Germanic people, to Saturnalia celebrated by the Romans, and continuing through today’s celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Diwali, we […]

Time Warner holiday lights

Renovation Plans and Permits


Home renovations are time consuming and costly, so establishing—and sticking to—a strategy to stay on budget is critical. And too often, in an effort to stay on budget, property owners cut corners that will ultimately come back to haunt them when they seek to sell their homes. Side-stepping the permits, licenses and approvals needed for […]

Central Park in Autumn


It’s no secret to anyone who has read my blog posts that I adore Central Park. New York City’s jewel, it occupies a surprisingly large rectangle in the center of Manhattan. Its geometric edges belie the diverse topography within the park itself – pick a different entrance and a different segment of the park each […]



New residential construction is booming in New York City. Pounding jack-hammers and vibrating power saws provide the backdrop din; monster construction cranes and huge cement trucks crowd the streets; giant lego-like barriers divert pedestrian traffic; billboards on elaborate scaffolding and tall screens broadcast the players of a thriving construction industry. New development building is not […]

Gramercy Park


Most neighborhoods in New York City have a story to tell – generally, it is a cyclical one, perhaps from farmland to residential, to tenements, and back to gentrification. There are however a few areas of New York City that have remained remarkably stable. One of these is the Gramercy Park neighborhood, which was created […]

Gramercy Park 1

Plan Today In Preparation of Tomorrow


Life is too short to spend too much of our time worrying about ourselves or a loved one becoming ill or dying. There’s no escaping the inevitable, however, and it’s extremely important to prepare for anything and everything to ensure that our wishes and the wishes of our loved ones are carried out. When it […]

Murray Hill


  Have you ever watched an old movie or television program and heard someone’s phone number expressed as “Murray Hill” followed by five numbers (for instance, the Ricardos in I Love Lucy were at MH5-9975)? That telephone exchange once covered all of the east side of Manhattan, with an East 37th Street building serving as the hub. The […]