In today's fast-paced real estate market, speed can be essential.

Buying a Home

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE Warburg Realty sales associates have received extensive training with the firm and average fourteen years experience as agents. Our agents have earned a reputation as being the most professional and knowledgeable in the industry. The value our customers and clients place on their relationship with Warburg is attested to by the fact that each year, over seventy-five percent of our business comes from referrals. Our experience will save you time in the buying process. Our building-by-building knowledge allows us to target appropriate properties as they come on the market. In today's fast-paced real estate market, speed can be essential.

EXPERTS ON THE HIGH-END Warburg specializes in the needs of discerning customers who are in the market for premier residential properties. Expertise, thorough market research, and years of experience have positioned us to be leaders in this market.

SIZE ADVANTAGE In this age of consolidation and monolithic impersonal companies, it is increasingly difficult to find a firm that values personal service, continuity and stability. When you partner with one of our more than 150 agents, Warburg ensures that each transaction is consummated with the utmost professionalism and customer satisfaction. Senior Management reviews contracts, Board packages, and deal-related issues with each agent throughout the sales process.

Each agent and customer is encouraged to discuss negotiating and bidding strategies with the firm President, Frederick Warburg Peters, and the Senior Management team.

GEOGRAPHICALLY WELL SITUATED With offices both uptown and downtown, we are well positioned to locate the finest luxury properties across Manhattan as they come on the market.

Our customers have told us that they appreciate being educated in all aspects of the Manhattan real estate market, from current pricing trends to neighborhoods on the rise to insider details on a particular building. The first step in the purchasing process is one of reciprocal learning: customers learn from our agents about the market, and our agents learn from our customers about all their housing criteria.

Pricing Trends in the Real Estate Market
Our database of listings permits us to analyze trends in the market and create timely reports on current conditions. Ask your agent for our most recent information.

Manhattan Neighborhoods
From Riverdale to Wall Street, we have in-depth information on New York City neighborhoods and issues that matter to homeowners.

Recommending Top Professionals
We can provide you with lists of professionals such as lawyers, engineers, mortgage brokers and lending institutions with broad experience in Manhattan real estate.

PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT OF THE PURCHASING PROCESS We coordinate your purchase from start to finish. Let us outline the steps we follow to secure you the home you want.

Identify Your Requirements
Your Warburg agent will listen carefully to your needs, whether financial, aesthetic, or quality-of-life. He or she will conduct all searches for properties that work with your criteria and may suggest a number of options, including types of property, different neighborhoods, types of amenities, and layout configurations. You and your Warburg agent evolve into a team with a mission: to satisfy your housing needs. This partnership goes beyond the sale to include every aspect of your relocation experience.

Establish Price Framework
We will advise you as to the approximate price range of the property you are seeking and we can help you prioritize your needs and make decisions regarding areas of flexibility.

Get You In...
Good properties sell so fast that buyers need immediate access. We have the inside track, and we will act quickly on your behalf when appropriate properties come to market.

... To Everything
Our agents have access to over 30,000 property listings, updated continuously: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Warburg represents a large number of the most desirable properties exclusively, affording our customers unmatched access to the newest and best listings.

Screen Properties
We will not waste your time with visits to properties inconsistent with your priorities.

Give Progress Reports
We will keep in constant contact regarding market trends and new properties on the market.

Negotiate to Win
Warburg agents have an arsenal of pre-emptive strategies at their disposal to secure the property you want. They are trained in the negotiating skills essential to New York's unique and fast-paced market.

Liase With Attorneys
We will recommend an attorney, or work with yours to make sure an appropriate contract is prepared and signed promptly.

Create Your Board Package
We manage the preparation of your {*Board package*}Board package. Warburg is known throughout the industry for the high quality of Board packages we assemble. We will guide you through the process and ensure that you appear to your best advantage. Our Senior Management team reviews and fine tunes all Board packages.

We have learned from our customers over the years. The qualities they most value in an agent are access, professionalism, knowledge and the ability to listen. These characteristics inform the service you will receive when partnering with us.

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