Ranked top 15% of volume in sales at his previous firm, Kemdi Anosike joins Warburg Realty with an extensive knowledge of the New York City market, which allows him to expertly guide his clients on property transactions in any neighborhood. As a lifelong aficionado of interior design and architecture with a deep-set passion for all things New York City, real estate was a natural career path for Kemdi Anosike. He is an experienced representative with a specialty in luxury downtown properties, including both sales and rentals.

Known as a people person with a big heart, one of the many perks of the job Kemdi embraces is the opportunity to meet such an interesting mix of people and establish connections with them as he helps clients navigate the transaction process. Living and breathing real estate, Kemdi always puts his clients’ needs above all else, so they can rest assured they are in good hands. “I have always been in the business of putting smiles on customers’ faces,” he says, an endeavor that his tireless work ethic consistently makes possible.

Born in Nigeria, Kemdi loves living in New York City and eagerly explores its vast array of culinary offerings.


1020 Park Avenue, Apt. 6A by June Gottlieb, Steven Gottlieb and Emily Becker //20 Pine Street, Ph. 250 by Christopher Totaro and Kemdi Anosike// 315 Seventh Avenue, Apt. 8A by Samantha Rose Frith, Joel E. Moss,… More
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825 West 179th Street Apartment 6C by Samantha R. Frith, Joel Moss, and Kemdi Anisoke. https://luxexpose.com/you-will-love-the-commanding-views-from-washington-heights-home/
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Testimonial from Kathy B.

Kemdi is the real professional player. He is friendly, informative, professional and always try his best to assure his customer. One thing I was really impressed by him is he always contacts his customer first. I highly recommend him to anyone. I already recommend him to my friends and my co-workers. Two thumbs up for him.

Testimonial from Salvatore

Kemdi is one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. When you work with Kemdi, he cares about you not only as a client, but also as a friend. There is no one in the field who will work harder for you and actually listen to your needs. He has extensive knowledge of every stage of the home buying process, including processes that do not fall under his jurisdiction. Kemdi is a one-stop-shop for buying or selling a home and knows exactly how to gracefully navigate the process. Kemdi is persistent, responsive, kind, knowledgeable, respectful, and an excellent negotiator. I could not recommend working with Kemdi more highly.

Testimonial from Oren Z.

Kemdi is brilliant! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and outstanding professional. He helped me to find a place to rent. We saw a few rentals, did all the required paperwork, he answered all the questions that came up along the way, and helped to talk to the property management office. The process felt very easy with him! 100% recommended!

Testimonial from Dezireh

I’m incredibly grateful that I got to work with Kemdi. His honesty, professionalism, responsiveness, helpfulness, dedication, ease, and enthusiasm are a huge relief in a city full of brokers who spend the bare minimum amount of time and effort on you. With any other broker, my experience (trying to find an apartment one week before the start of the month) wouldn’t have been so easy. With Kemdi, it was a vacation. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the neighborhood, very quick to respond to messages, and remarkably good at moving the process forward without being a pushy salesman, and– throughout it all– was so warm, friendly, and cheerful, he was more like a close friend than a broker. I would definitely recommend Kemdi to anyone who would be looking out to rent apartments in NYC.

Testimonial from Noble A.

I first met Kemdi Anosike when purchasing an investment unit in midtown east. In addition to locating a perfect property for me, he assisted me with renovation and helped me to get a tenant after the purchase was complete. Kemdi has been taking care of renting the unit ever since. I also work for a mortgage bank in NYC. Since purchasing, I have closed many transactions with Kemdi. I give my highest recommendation.

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